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The company S.C Carmolact-Prod SRL was established in the year 1992, having as area of activity the collecting and processing of milk; today the firm has become one of the most important milk processors in the entire country , a brand recognised and appreciated by clients as well as by certified bodies which have awarded us numerous distinctions. The mark "Carmolact" means quality for a healthy food, natural taste and flavour. Due to modern technology complying to the most severe quality standards and hygiene, and due to the quality control over the entire technology process, the mark "Carmolact" reaches the first places in the top of customer’s, consumer’s preferences, who prefer healthy, natural, genetically unaltered food, of people who want to respect nature and themselves.
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The "art" of manufacturing milk was appreciate first time the one on those table overtakes the goodness from Monor.
The freshness, the relish and the quality of our products from milk was recognized and rewards with many distinctions.

The firm would like to thank its 207 employees, who made possible its success and position in the top of great diary products processing firms; special thanks to the clients, the partners and consumers who chose the brand of quality, the brand MONOR.


1992 : the Trade Company "Carmolact-Prod" SRL is established, in the area of milk processing for the obtaining of matured products - cottage cheese and hard cheese
1996 : investment in the building of a new factory allowing the diversification of the production, with emphasis on the obtaining of fresh products - milk, butter milk, yoghurts, fresh cow cheese, process cheese
2002 : is expanding, starting the construction of another space intended for milk processing
2005 : expands its activity in the area of zootechny too, owning in property an area of 150 ha farming land and a complex department of farming equipment 2006 February The carafe milk is set on the market in an modernized and biodegradable packing, securing a much cleaner bottling compared to the foil. Through the new packing technology the contact of the product with the air lessens to several seconds on a surface of approx.2 cm.
2006 March - Carmo-Lact introduces the range of Monor products in the shop networks from the county of Cluj.
2006 May - As a national premiere, by applying last generation micro-filtration and ultra-filtration technology methods, the company Carmo-Lact produces natural yoghurts with fruit pulp, free of preservatives and stabilizers, with specific taste and aroma.
2006 December - The Trade Company Carmo-Lact Prod certifies its Quality Managements System ISO 9001:2000, implements a concept according to the HACCP principles, in the area: "Fabrication of drinking milk, of acidophilus products, cheese sorts in brine, fresh cow cheese, process cheese, cream.

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